Frances-Marie Uitti, Cellist, Amsterdam

"From his painterly self portrait ( through moving shots, kitsch/punk creatures, Sven-Kristian Wolf is developing his voice-image in a fascinating manner."


Baroness Eva-Maria von Schilgen, Salzburg about "Mozart Visualized".

I got to know Sven Kristian Wolf as a young musician. I was impressed by his musical talent and extensive knowledge of music from classical to jazz and punk. His series MOZART VISUALIZED, which was created for Mozart's Requiem, left an unbelievably lasting impression on me, what I see is a process that leads from horror to redemption.


Rainer Vierlinger, Director, Vienna about "The beauty of decay"

What a highly dynamic and captivating version of a seemingly well known sujet!

Tulips yes, but just as well beings, creatures that remind me on H. Bosch (Can you seen the beasts in #1?).

This has to be black and white. Beautiful, theatrical and disturbing at once. A natural process gains surrealistic dimension.

Like a deep, very deep bow of a bunch of dancers on stage at the end of their last performance – but they´ll never straighten up again.




FEBRUAR 2018- "Powerful Portraits", Herzogsburg Braunau/Inn 


MÄRZ  2020 - Jesus Christ Superstar "Behind the Scenes", Szene Salzburg

"Der Salzburger Fotografie-Künstler Sven-Kristian Wolf hat uns mit seiner Kamera einige Wochen bei den Proben begleitet. Wir bedanken uns sehr herzlich und verneigen uns vor seiner Kunst." (Thorsten Kieker, Produktionsleiter Musical Company Austria) 


JUNI 2020. Best photographer "conceptional" STRKNG, international gallery for photography.


JULY 2020. Best photographer  "street"  , STRKNG, international gallery for photography.


AUGUST 2020. STRKNG Editors-Selection. 


NOVEMBER 2020. Exhibition "Stadt der Schatten", Academy Bar Salzburg  (corona-cancellation)


NOVEMBER 2020. " Tribute to Vivienne Westwood"  at Leica-Gallery Salzburg. 


NOVEMBER 2020. Publication of "City of Shadows" in Journal of Austrian Society of Analytic Psychology.


NOVEMBER 2020. Invitation to final of DGAP Art Contest, Stuttgart. 


APRIL 2021.  "Mozart Visualized" Is nominee in International Fineart Photo Award.  


JULY 2021. "Stadt der Schatten", (City of shadows) Venice,  THE ROOM, contemporary art space, July 12 -August 1.


JULY 2021.  "Busted, Bruce!" selected in International Urban Photo Awards. 


JULY 2021. "From von confusion to panic" and  "The beauty of decay"  get honorable mentions at Monovosions Photography Award. 


AUGUST 2021. Vienna Photo Award, Honorable mention


AUGUST 2021. Interview with It's liquid group.


SEPTEMBER 2021. Privatgalerie Baronin Eva-Maria von Schilgen 7. September bis Ende November.